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The Mission Behind Wenze Boutique

Wenze (Lingala for small market) was created for the purpose of having one space where diverse families can find a wide variety of products that represent their heritage, unique family build, cultural identity, and items that empower children to love themselves and their community.

Our little marketplace carries everything from gifts, children's books, black hair supplies, jewelry, and home décor. Handmade items, carefully curated products, and many more beautifully designed by aboriginal, Asian, and African Canadian/American's.

Our team is passionate about giving back, so each time you purchase a percentage of your order will be donated to non-profits and charities across the country. A selection of our products have been brought in from around the globe and are guaranteed fair-trade. This means you can trust the hands who carefully pieced together your item have been treaded kindly and paid a fair wage in their country and by purchasing our fair trade products you are contributing to that artisans livelihood, and their families well being.  

Our growing children's book collection is full of diverse characters and topics. It is our hope that your family will be able to find joy in shopping at wenze, knowing you can fill your child's book shelf with characters who look just like them and their friends, stories that will teach them to celebrate who they are, and to love others. Books that include topics from history, health, humour, special needs, love, friendship, and so much more.

We are honoured to partner with so many amazing entrepreneurs and artists to continue to grow this little shop of ours.


Janice, Crystal, and our little helpers (aka the littles ones who tell us what of our items are not very cool and what ones they want for themselves ;) )

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